Working from home?

Welcome to the Swiftpod!

Designed ready for delivery – installed in a day!
Ideal, affordable and high quality separation from home life so you can concentrate on your business.
AT your home but not IN your home.

ZoomRoom in situ
Delivered and fully installed in your garden in less than a day, for immediate use for all year-round. Comfortable, secure and professional.


Easily link up your new Swiftpod to a standard power supply and your home internet, then start working – efficiently and effectively.


Your own, controllable, private space that is finished with food-standard interior surfaces to walls and ceiling – hygienic and safe.


Away from any distractions, this space is perfect for uninterrupted, confidential calls and teleconferences.


It looks and feels permanent – yet your Swiftpod is constructed with our Swift-Lock system. So it can be moved if required.


Live a better life by spending less time traveling and more efficient office-time. Create an excellent work & home life balance.


Leave footprints on your garden path – not on the environment! Walk to work, save more than just money by reducing your carbon footprint.

ZoomRoom shape
work from home garden office interior
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Covid safe, independent and effective working environment.

More people have more reasons to work from home.  The Swiftpod encompasses everything that you would expect from people that have been designing and installing top-quality, bespoke garden rooms for over 12 years.  

Relax in the knowledge that you are investing in a high-end product that will enhance your work-life balance as well as creating greater flexibility within your home’s accommodation. 

Remote controlled, dimmable, LED lighting

Beautiful external finish, with 15 year warranty

Comfortable, secure, warm, inviting

No maintenance, any location

Two sizes: 2.4m x 2.4m and 3.6m x 2.4m (external dimensions)


 You Order

Does a Swiftpod makes sense for you?… just get in touch and one of our experienced team will guide you through the simple process and book your installation.


We Deliver

On the agreed date, we will arrive at a pre-arranged time and install your beautiful new room.  This is designed to be finished and ready for use before the end of the day!


You Work

Position your desk and chair, plug in your computer and start work.  Then, if you like, make your office a truly appealing place to be.  Pictures, rugs, a desk lamp, comfy chair, TV… it’s your space to use as you wish.

“A Swiftpod is the perfect solution to the challenges that work-life has faced in 2020 .”

“My Swiftpod has transformed my home life - I see more of my kids and my wife, as well as loving my new work productivity”

“This office makes me feel secure - I have control over hygiene and can organise my day to keep me sane!”

work from home office exterior in garden setting

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