Investing in your Swiftpod, to give you the space that you want, has been made straightforward and efficient.  Like any other investment, you need to make your decision with all the facts and information.  Below are the most frequently asked questions and we know you will find useful.  If you want any other information just get in touch using the contact form and we’ll respond just as soon as we can.

What kind of space do I need in my garden?

You need at least 500mm gap to the rear and to each side of your chosen Swiftpod. The area must be level and firm and prepared for the special bearers that are included with your Swiftpod installation. We must have good access to the space from the delivery drop-off point with no sharp bends on the route, and/or height restrictions. You will be guided on all of these points during the order process.

Do I need planning permission?

You will not need any planning under most circumstances, unless there are specific conditions effecting your area, such as Listed Building Status, AONB, etc. Otherwise your Swiftpod is fully compatible with Permitted Development Rights. Please click here for more information on the government website.

What do I need to do prior to installation?

You need a level, load-bearing base for your Swiftpod. This can be paving flags, a concrete slab, suitable screw piles, etc. We will offer advice on each case to make sure that you are ready for your new Swiftpod. You will need an external socket to provide the power supply (16Amp, weatherproof cable will be supplied).

Is there anything else I need to buy to use my office?
Your Swiftpod is a complete plug and play unit, ready to move your furniture in. You should treat this just as any other room of your house – so maybe window blinds or curtains, perhaps some pictures and a comfy chair – the choice is yours.
How do I get internet in my Swiftpod?

You can fit a simple power-line internet extender or perhaps pay to have your office hardwired to your existing home connection. The choice is yours.

Will I be warm in my Swiftpod?

Yes! Your Swiftpod is fully insulated and weather proof for year-round use. You can choose whatever heater you prefer.

What if I move house?

Your Swiftpod can be taken down and relocated with our quick install system. We can do this on your behalf for a pre-arranged fee. Alternatively, you may choose to include the room as an attractive feature of your home when you sell.

How long does it take to install?

Your building will be constructed and ready to move into the same day.

What is the life expectancy of the Swiftpod?

Using durable materials and being clad in powder-coated steel, your building is completely weatherproof and will stand the test of time. All materials are designed to last a minimum of 25 years and are from sources that supply the domestic and commercial building trade.

Once I place my order when could I expect my Swiftpod?

When your order is confirmed we will offer you an installation date. In many cases this will be within 28 days, though the current Coronavirus situation can sometimes cause delays. You will be kept informed.

How do I pay for my Swiftpod?

As you place your order, we will send you a secure online link to pay your 50% deposit. This can be on any debit and most credit cards. The balance is due 7 days before delivery/installation.

What warranty is provided?
The outer coating of your Swiftpod has a manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years against fading or degrading. The whole building comes with a 5 year structural warranty.
What if I want something larger, or a building of different proportions and features?

Simple… just visit the Swift Garden Rooms website.

Swiftpod is brought to you by this long-established, family-run company that is a UK leader in designing and installing bespoke garden rooms. There you will learn more about how we can help you – whatever your needs are.

“This is perfect!  A high quality office created by a well-established and trustworthy company. It is so much more than a quick-fix to my immediate needs – it is a sound and solid investment”

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